Who’s gonna be Champion then?

Three BTCC events gone, who’s going to win it this year?

I’m gonna go Shedden, seems really fired up and was an absolute man on a mission at both…

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Steve Bonsey Paul Bordes Juan Bordons

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BSB: British Superbike Oulton Park Results

Source: http://sportbikeblog.blogspot.com/2009/05/bsb-british-superbike-oulton-park.html

Reiner Bratenstein Hans Braumandl Dieter Braun Georg Braun

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Rally DVDS Available

Full DVD Available from BlackMotorsportVideos (http://www.blackmotorsportvideos.com)

Source: http://www.motorsportforums.com/britishrallying/152706-rally-dvds-available.html

Franco Battaini Gerhard Bauer Manfred Baumann Alvaro Bautista

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Photo of the Week: The Devil You Know

As I listened to Casey Stoner explain how he rode around the flu, a chattering bike, and his latest bout with arm pump to stay just far enough ahead of Jorge Lorenzo to win the final GP at Estoril, I couldn’t help but wonderi how Lorenzo sees his future. It can’t seem as bright as it did at the end of his nearly perfect 2010 season. Lorenzo had succeeded in mounting so much pressure on …

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Takuma Aoki Hiroshi Aoyama Shuhei Aoyama Andre Luc Appietto

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New Ferrari 599XX Evolution PURE SOUND!

Ferrari corse clienti at Monza racetrack!
In this video you can see lots of Ferrari 599XX EVO Evolution in action with start up, loud accelerations,…

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Hugh Anderson John Anderson Kent Andersson George Andrews

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25% 0ff All K&N Products

We have all of our K&N Products 25% off right now at MotoSport.com!


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Adrian Araujo Gilbert Argo Manuel Arias Ken Armstrong

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The 2009 1000cc/Literbike Shootouts: Who Won?

Source: http://sportbikeblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/2009-1000ccliterbike-shootouts-who-won.html

Romolo Balbi Jean François Balde Mike Baldinger Alex Baldolini

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Miss California Natalie Pack is Also an Avid Motorcyclist

I am not sure how I missed the story when Natalie Pack was crowned Miss California earlier this year, but the Palos Verdes native is set to compete in the Miss USA pageant this June, and holds a special place in our hearts here at Asphalt & Rubber. Sure, we love her not only because she is representing California (loyal A&R readers should realize by now that this six-generation Californian author is downright militant when …

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Pierre Audry Karl Auer August Auinger Jean Aureal

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Umbrella Girl on Circuit MotoGP Estoril, Portugal 2012


Beritai.com – the latest news from the 2012 MotoGP races are always surrounded by umbrella girl sexy Anyway, we will review finished ni about sexy girls pretty participating in MotoGP. After yesterday, today we feature some pictures of the umbrella girl who was in France and Qatar, now BERITAI.COM want to try to display the umbrella girl who was in Portugal. Umbrella girl who was in Circuit Estoril, Portugal also show their beauty.

Estoril9 Estoril1 Estoril2 Estoril3 Estoril4 Estoril5 Estoril6 Estoril7 Estoril8

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Source: http://www.zimbio.com/MotoGP/articles/6kxz6vEwaG_/Umbrella+Girl+Circuit+MotoGP+Estoril+Portugal

Hartmut Bischoff Gastone Biscia Norman Black Kenny Blake

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Estoril Post-Race MotoGP Test Canceled Due To Severe Weather Conditions

After three days of improving weather, the rain returned to Estoril with a vengeance, falling heavily all Sunday night and throughout the morning on Monday. Conditions at the circuit were simply too difficult to do any testing at all, and so the MotoGP test scheduled for Monday was officially canceled, sending the teams packing up early, a thankless task in the pouring rain.

The loss of the test is a blow to all three factories, as they all had important new parts to test at Estoril. For Honda, the main emphasis is to try to cure the chatter that has plagued the bikes since they first tested their 1000cc bike. Yamaha had a  new engine spec to test, along with new electronics and a new chassis. For Ducati, they had a new engine to test, with a significantly changed power delivery, making it smoother and less aggressive. The factories all really need a dry track to test what they have and produce useful data. 

Ducati has already scheduled a new test to put their new engine through its paces. That will take place at Mugello, from May 22nd to May 24th, though which riders will take part on what days is yet to be decided.

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Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/MotoGPMatters/~3/t36cgB8EBoc/estoril_post_race_motogp_test_canceled_d.html

Ray Amm Luigi Ancona Bob Anderson Chris Anderson

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